The tablet market has changed dramatically since the introduction of the first iPads. These fundamentally new “apple” gadgets have managed not only to achieve great popularity but also to oust their main competitors in this niche from the leading positions. And to this day, the iPad remains the device on which interesting projects are first released, and which are used equally both for leisure and in professional activities.

Pro Versions in Choosing iPad for You

In 2021, Apple has eight models of tablets with the “Pro” prefix, but only three models will be presented to the list of recommended for purchase now, because, for example, iPad Pro 12.9 of the end of 2015, with its Apple A9X, well, no gate for the Pro segment in 2021. And finding such a device in good condition after five years of release will be another quest. Therefore, we will focus on models from 2017 and above.

The most affordable option from the current iPad line, which will more than cover the needs of most people. Perfect for those who are choosing their first tablet: it will allow you to try out all the features of the Apple-branded stylus and keyboard, as well as get acquainted with iPadOS.

Thanks to the use of the processor from the iPad Air, the performance of the device is sufficient for any need – the gadget is ideal for both study and home use. Incidentally, this is the only new Apple tablet that has a 3.5mm jack. The Home button with Touch ID is also retained.

Due to the fact that the hard drive is not very capacious, it can run out of free space quite quickly. Of course, if you install programs for working with words and spreadsheets, then any modern hard drive will last for a long time. However, a modern laptop is usually used not only for typing but also for playing music and watching movies, which take up a lot of space.

Which iPad Models You Don’t Need to Buy

  1. iPad mini: Models 1/2/3/4, these devices were manufactured from 2012 to 2015. iPad mini 4, while supporting the latest versions of iOS 13, has a rather weak 2014 Apple A8 processor.
  2. iPad: devices with index 1/2/3/4 are frankly old, they were produced before 2014. The first model of the new generation iPad in 2017 (many call it the iPad 5) is also slowly becoming obsolete.
  3. iPad Air: Forgetting the old iPad Air (2013) and iPad Air 2 (2014). The latter even supports iOS 13, but clearly works at the limit of possibilities. The 2014 Apple A8X processor makes itself felt.

In 2021, everyone who wants to buy an iPad will be able to find used devices on the market that he needs. Here the answer will be simple: if you want something more modern – take the Pro version, even 2017 will be better than the same iPad mini 2019; if you need something for work/study – take a look at the newer Air of the 3rd generation; if the budget is really very limited, you can find for 7,000 a good iPad of the 7th generation, which will completely cover all the most basic tasks.

This level has some additional features: a set of new instructions, a different memory organization, the ability to execute two or more programs at the same time, and some others. When building the third level, more options are possible than when building the first and second.