Selling through network marketing is a sales method that is taught at the largest and most prestigious universities in the world: this sales method is called multi-level marketing (MLM) or multi-level selling or Multi-Bearing selling or network marketing. Despite this teaching at these prestigious universities, there are still people who all too often confuse this but legal selling technique with the vulgar pyramid of fraudulent sales, also called the “snowball sale”. Of course, it would take a few pages to just explain the difference between the two, so I will make it simple so that everyone can understand.

Selling a pyramid: it consists of charging an entrance fee to a system where no sale is given in exchange or no profit, and this, for the sole purpose of filling the pyramid, where the one who leads will win the amount X before disappearing and giving way to the following participants. This type of sale is fraud, which is prosecuted in law in almost all countries of the world.

Without a doubt, you’ve probably seen hundreds of sites on the web, not to mention the thousands that offer to reveal the secret or secrets of enrichment on the Internet. Some of these sites are real goldfields, for those who know how to follow the tips, but especially use them like network marketing concepts.

Alas, the vast majority of these sites, which are supposed to allow enrichment on the Internet, are only vulgar frauds, and I would say even more to see some of these sites, you can ask whether they themselves benefit from the money. Because make no mistake, it’s not enough to make a website to get rich on the Internet. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between truth and falsehood.

If this e-book does not pretend to teach you how to get rich on the Internet before midnight tonight, or that you discover the miraculous techniques that will make you rich without doing anything, it’s just because it does not exist! To make money and get rich on the Internet, you have to work and often work hard, but above all, work reasonably, reproducing what works, trying not to do the same as everyone else. This e-book, like many others, can tell you that in order to get rich on the Internet, simply: * Create a site (but how to do it if you don’t know?) * Put a powerful answering machine (which and how to “use it effective?) * Transfer paid advertising (what to leave his shirt if it’s not done right) * Create a list (it’s not as easy as we want to believe it) * Sell, sell, sell and sell, then sell again and again ! Indeed, selling is the secret of making money, because from time immemorial in trading, if there is no sale … there is no money!

And that is the whole problem of those who fail. Because if it’s easy to sell a little, it’s much harder to sell a lot. Take an example: you sell an e-book on topic X for 50 euros, you need to sell 30 a month to earn 1,500 euros gross, or 360 a year to win 18,000 euros, and you will agree that this is not a little to say about that you get rich on the Internet.

Even if you think that 18,000 euros per year is a suitable amount (and I agree with you, this is already a good amount), do not forget that for this you have to make a sale on a daily basis, every day of the year. Admittedly, you can achieve this result and even do much better, but at what price? Moreover, it will not be possible in one night. To achieve more, there is also a decision to have many sites, 30, 50, 100 or more, where they are, even if on each site you make only 8 sales a month, you will already begin to receive a very large income … but what kind of work do you need? need to be done before you get there. And I know what I’m talking about! So tell me how to get rich on the Internet without all these flaws? The answer that I suggest you open now is a few words:

What I don’t like in our countries is that we are always “obliged” to explain what matrix programs or network marketing are. When writing the page of this book, I basically thought about contacting all those who associate the principle of network marketing or MLM with fraud with the sale of pyramids.